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We now provide On Demand Remote IT Support that is secure, reliable and supported by Qualified Experienced IT Engineers.

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Irish Computers is the number one Information Technology company therefore, we consider our IT services and ICT Solutions for Schools and Businesses to be the best around Ireland.

IT Services & Consultancy

Information Technology - IT Services are essential due to most businesses being online. As a result, a company's technology must be capable of allowing employees to complete their tasks while ensuring that their information is secure from data loss, connectivity issues and from malicious activity on their network. In conclusion, Irish Computers are confident in our Qualified IT Support Engineers and our capability to support your businesses and computer systems far into the future.


Onsite & Remote IT Support

Irish Computers can solve your IT issues in real time. We provide you with a secure login and password to allow us to fix almost any IT problem you maybe having. You can sit back and see us working remotely on your own computer. As a result, this provides you with a stress free solution and insures that any IT, ICT problem you are having is solved in a very short time.

Schools ICT

School network systems and hardware are meant to be dynamic, mobile and have seamless integration with both staff and student educational technology. Irish Computers have extensive knowledge and experience with large and small school ITC requirements. In fact, we are very passionate in providing the best ICT solutions on the Irish Market. We guarantee you will agree with us.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is especially relevant today. Therefore, we provide a number of solutions to keep your information safe from RansomWare and other viruses. We supply the latest antivirus software from ESET and provide the best option for offsite backup in Ireland. Our system provides seven points in time sections of your data, hence, your data is 100% recoverable!

Cloud Based Applications

Cloud Based Applications are becoming a normal part of using our computers today. Therefore, people are storing their images on programs such as Google Photos to storing and sharing documents on software like DropBox. While these programs are convenient they also have a number of vulnerabilities and should not be considered suitable for business purposes. Businesses should invest in programs such as our Autotask - Workplace to insure that your information is kept safe and is in your control.

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