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ICT - Information Communication Technology

Academic Technology for Schools

ICT Support solutions which are dedicated to schools, we provide phone and remote access support from our Offices in Nenagh by our qualified IT Support Engineers. We provide the most secure Offsite Backup of all your critical data onto our servers. Irish Computers conduct daily preventative support of all servers and critical systems and all for one fixed cost per computer.

A support contract with Irish Computers will benefit your school or college by putting a proactive IT and ICT Support solution in place and also allowing school principals to budget all their IT, ICT Costs in one contract

Integrated Network

Academic Security

Offsite Backup

Academic IT Support

Integrated Networks for Schools

We have worked with a large number of schools across Ireland designing and implementing their ICT systems. The number one request we receive from teachers and principles is regarding a school's wireless network and can teachers have a fully integrated network across the school campus where any device will automatically connect to the network no matter what class they move into next.

The answer to these questions is yes, we have developed a number of ICT techniques which allow teachers and student computers to connect onto the network without data loss. We also have developed techniques which allow a school to connect as many devices as they wish without fear of maxing out their IP addresses.

Irish Computers can provide you with total freedom within the school grounds. You will not experience any loss of connection to your teaching computer.

Highly experienced in the finding solutions to the following common ICT academic issues – Interactive White Boards, Laptops, Printers PCs and maxing out your allocated IP addresses.

Academic Security

Schools require the latest ICT cyber security software available on the market. Irish Computers provide ESET Security software, this product is one of the most advanced systems on the market. What makes the software perfect for schools and colleges is its adaptability to different systems and its affordability at our special rate.

It can be installed in a short period of time and our ICT team will take you thorough the process.

"Schools have a particular set of needs which Irish Computers are uniquely qualified to satisfy", Tom Gleeson CEO of Irish Computers.

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