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Managed Firewall Service

Enterprise firewall software and home networks demand much more security to be implemented then every before. The reasons for this is today, companies and people use an array of different devices which all connect onto the network. For example, Irish Schools now use P.C's, Laptops, Smart Phones, Tablets, Printers and more everyday. Each of these devices create a potential portal for infection. 

Once these hardware devices are connected onto the network they will access cloud based applications such as Office 365 to development programs such as Microsoft Azure and Storage Services. On a traditional port based server, application traffic can slow down your systems and generate lag via bandwidth congestion.

Therefor, it is recommended that small to medium sized companies and organisations adapt our advanced Managed Firewall Service. This service acts in real time and can allow you to prioritise which applications are most important and therefore provide them with more bandwidth. For example, you can provide business applications with 60% of your bandwidth while allowing non priority traffic with the remaining 40%.

Furthermore, If any threat is detected this system is designed to be the most advanced firewall currently available. Adaptations are done on a daily bases and updates to known threats are integrated on time.

We offer two service packages, one is a package that was developed for small business needs while the other provides many advanced settings for optimisation of WAN, IoT, SOHO up to data centre level organisation models.

We will provide you with the necessary information once we evaluate your requirements. We are confident that this service can save you money while providing you with the most advanced managed firewall services we have ever seen.

Offsite Backup

Our Offsite Backup utilises state of the art technology in addition, it uses a private cloud to download your data every night.

It has seven point in time segments which means your information is 100% recoverable and protected from ransomware attacks.

ESET Antivirus

Ranked one of the best options for Antivirus software on the market. It provides a number of key benefits over other services including, Threat Sense Technology - fewer false alarms and excellent detection. Furthermore this software is built for Speed - utilises advanced algorithms which do not slow down your other work. Memory - the program is an astonishing 44 MB of memory in total, less of a burden of expensive memory space.

Network Security

A system vulnerability is open to cyber crime and can often be found in your Networks & Routers. Therefore, depending on the brand of model used, a router can have backdoor within the code, allowing hackers into your systems.

Because of these reasons, it is essential that if your computers store sensitive information on them that you have your networks audited and certified by a professional Information Technology expert such as Irish Computers especially considering the latest cyber attacks world wide.

A security system is only as strong as the weakest link!

Office Software

Not many people know that the office software installed on their computer can be utilised by hackers. Therefore, software can be used as a delivery system for a computer virus. This is usually done through attachments on files or images embedded into a document.

The best solution for this vulnerability is to update your software and if possible, update it to the latest version.

Consequently, Irish Computers can do this for you within a short window of time.



Ensure your business has Offsite Backup

It is getting increasingly more convenient for hackers and cyber criminals to compromise unprotected computer systems. Therefore we highly recommend that you implement a Offsite Backup system into your business communications system.

What is a Ransomware?

Ransomware is a virus program that infects your computer mainly through email attachments. Older operating systems such as Microsoft XP and Vista are more vulnerable to attack as hackers have had more time working on ways to take advantages of its code.

As a result, the virus has been around for a long time. Irish Computers have had clients come in with compromised computers from over a year ago!

How does it effect your computer?

This nasty virus is commonly found in innocent looking e-mail messages, pretending to identify themselves as frequently known organisations for example, your personal bank.  They have also been known to infiltrate your computer with fake software updates.

What can be done to get your files back?

There is no simple answer; the people who have created this virus will demand a payment via a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. This transaction is usually untraceable so once you send it; it’s at the criminal’s discretion to send you the encryption key.

There is no doubt that the virus is very damaging, we know of companies that have lost decades of information in one night. Our larger clients have also been effected. However, we can not disclose their brand name due to reasons of confidentiality. This virus can effect everyone without the latest security software and hardware.



Low Quality Anti-Virus

No Offsite Backup

Low Quality Firewall

Basic Network Routers

Data Not Encrypted

Older Software

Older versions of Office

Windows XP or VIsta

"Richard Browne, head of Ireland’s National Cyber Security Centre, warned the cyber attack was not over and could “run and run”.", (Power and Clarke, 2017). The Irish Times reporting on the WannaCry Virus.

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