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Website Development

Every business in today's digital economy requires Website Development. A website can be an expensive purchase and it all depends on the type of website that is required for your business needs. A Irish Computers we have extensive knowledge on how to develop your website so it has longevity, ease of use, affordability and support when you need it. Over time we have developed a number of frameworks to ensure that our clients are getting the most from their budgets.

Fast Hosting

Hosting is more important that many realise, it is not just a place which stores your website and its media. A hosting service needs to be exceptionally fast to both send and receive information to your users. Search engines such as Google examine your website for usability, speed and mobile responsiveness to ensure that their users are directed to a well-designed website. It is in your business interest to make sure that your website takes full advantage of your hosting service.

Email Hosting

This service is mostly taken for granted as a part of a hosting service however, at Irish Computers we will examine how you prefer to receive emails and work this system to suit your preferences. If this means that you prefer to receive email though your Google accounts, we can set this up for you. Having your emails delivered to one service saves you time and ensures that your business male is responded to on time.


Website Support

As time goes by factors of your business will adapt to the change. This means that at times, you may wish to update elements of your website. Depending on your level of skills with content management systems you may want to have someone add something new to your site. At Irish Computers, we can do this quickly and easily. It all depends on if you require us to create any image or graphic content or if you wish us to add something you already possess.


User Specification for Web Development

If you wish to have a website for your company or interest but do not know what kind of website, you want to have developed. This user specification document will help you better understand what you need and what you want. When you fill this in, send it back to us and we can provide you with information such as a price quote, time of completion and much more. This will save you time, we guarantee it. Download your Specification Document by Clicking Here.


What does go into making a website?

The question of cost regarding web development is in the mind of every client we have had the honour of working with. Clients want to rightfully understand what work is involved in making a website. Usually the reason for this is for them to understand why websites are sometimes very expensive. To understand the processes involved in website development please click to download this document,
A list of development tasks.



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